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Our 2023 Facilitators

Joan Fernandez

Warrior for change, Mindfulness, Inspirational Leader, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Learning and Empowering, Knowledge Sharing, Networking, New Immigrant Mentor, Energy healing, Reiki.


I am passionate about spreading positivity and empowerment by activating energy circuits, using the breath to still the mind and tend the heart, sitting in quiet stillness  - simply being.  intenSati has been the tool, which brought forth and continues to bring forth my best self.  


intenSati is a practice where we move our body to create energy and joy.  We use our breath and words to send messages to our body, we change our physiology, we accept our current circumstances, yet stand in our power and find our voice to be the person we were meant to be.  Knowing that we are enough, we have enough and all we need is within us to be great, feel great, and do great.

Rhonda Hall-Couch

Rhonda is a local Metaphysical shop owner, Spiritual Specialist, Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotist, and Crystal Skull Guardian. Her shop is one of the largest and most diverse shops in SW Ontario. She has been a Reiki Practitioner for over 10 years and healing is her passion. Through a path of her own healing and connecting to source through meditation, she has learned much about the universe and how this all works.

Christine Noble

Christine Noble

Christine Noble, owner and founder of the Feel Good Institute, creator of AMP – Amplified Mindfulness Practice, published author, storyteller, certified life coach, Meditation Instructor, Hypnotherapist, and long-time entrepreneur. She has been ‘unplugged’ from normal for a long time. Creating a joy-filled life that works is the number 1 priority. A better life is super simple – that is bliss! Christine has been a long-time believer in the Law Of Attraction even before the term became popular. Her motto: “If you can think about yourself, you can do it because obstacles can be overcome.” Indeed, she has had a lot of obstacles to overcome yet the climb has been an adventurous journey with lots of stories to tell and experiences to share.

Liz Underhill

Many years ago, Liz found her Heartsong in the way of entertaining.  She searched for several years to see what her purpose was and when she finally unleashed her Heartsong to sing and entertain, her entire world changed.


She entertained many with music and humour and after several years thought she should pursue something “serious” as she put it.  She decided she would coach women to find their Heartsong, the desire in their hearts to follow their gifts and share with the world.  


To further her “seriousness” along she became a hypnotist.  Now a hypnotist, for fifteen years, she decided she would specialize in regression and health hypnotherapy for those who would like to explore a past life and to see what health issues in this life might possibly relate to another life. 


Along with her passion to help others discover who they really are, with her “serious” side, she continues to be a passionate entrepreneur, author, entertainer, and publisher of a Good News Newsletter . 

Liz Underhill.  C.H.  M.HT

Transformational Mind Coach

Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Changing the World One Smile at a Time

Liz for Business Card and Web Site Revised_edited.jpg

Dr. Hailee Young

Dr. Hailee Young PhD, is an energy specialist who is passionate about the bridge between science and spirituality. With extensive knowledge and training in the world of Quantum Physics and how that applies to us as human beings, she has created modalities rooted in that knowledge while flowing and entwining spirituality into it. As an intuitive healer, she combines the power of things like light language, karmic bond releasing, energy work, and powerful technology to help people break down blockages in their lives and bodies, and expand into the unconditionally loving, limitless beings we all truly are! 

Barb Kunz

Barb Kunz is a Nia Blue Belt Instructor. She has taught people of all ages, body types and all abilities movement for the last 23 years. She is passionate about helping people find JOY in their movement. When people move with comfort and ease their bodies feel better resulting in a greater quality of life and happiness. Barb works with children, adults and seniors. Barb believes that we can be 'Stronger' and that a dose of 'Daily Joy' is important!

Barb Kunz.jpg

Helen Murray

Spiritual Money Coach, Energy Guide, Reiki Practitioner, Yoni Steam Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Ho' Opono Pono Practitioner, and creator of Good Vibrations Kombucha Helen is the Mary Poppins of Money Mindset; a little bit magic, a little tough love and a whole lot of action! In addition to helping you UpLevel your money, yourself and your business to $10,000.00 months she also helps online Intuitives, Healers and Coaches break the chains of generational poverty, scarcity and trauma and shift into wealth consciousness to become a Woman of Wealth.

Erica O'Reilly

From a young age, Erica has always felt a profound connection to nature, a desire to connect with people on a heart level and sense of peace while exploring the natural world around her. Over the years, this has gifted her with unique opportunities to travel Canada and internationally, as an educator and artist. While connecting with families, youth and communities from different walks of life, these experiences also nurtured a deeper desire to know herself and her connection with spirit more deeply. ​ As a spiritual and embodiment counsellor, ordained minister (through the Sacred Stream Foundation; in Berkeley, California), and sacred storyteller, Erica's heart and soul centred work is grounded in creating sacred spaces where women feel seen, held, and able to tune into the healing power of the bodies and spirit. She believes in the powerful medicine that is sharing your story. Her offerings and services support women as they re-member how to embody their power, connect with their inner wisdom and reclaim their voice.

Erica O'Reilly.jpg

Beatrix Enter

Beatrix has been blessed with the gift of intuitively affecting amazing change in many people, animals, and businesses through guidance from outer worldly sources. This Gift and Intuitiveness often provides insight, physical healing, clarity, emotional healing, and direction from the Angelic, Spiritual, and Extraterrestrial realms, including clients’ Past Loved Ones. Leaving behind the fast-paced corporate world, Beatrix answers her higher calling to facilitate the empowerment of individuals, businesses, families, and couples to direct their lives in ways that enhances and enriches their being in so many ways.

Celtae Lynne Baxter


Dayna Dekroon

Dayna is an intuitive artist, medium and soul led guide. She is a mother to two beautiful daughters and lives in Lambton Shores ON.  She works with inspired women to help them reconnect with their true self, their soul, so they can live a life with more ease, joy and freedom.  


Dayna believes creativity and play are an essential part of our lives as the air we breathe and is on a mission to help women discover the joy in creativity and play.  Dayna uses an intuitive approach to her work, surrendering, letting go of the end result and just allowing the process to unfold.  She uses a variety of mediums such as acrylics, watercolour and pastels in her work.  Each piece is unique and comes with a beautiful message/story. 


Dayna offers various workshops and courses both online and in person.  Combining her passions of art and intuition to help her students reconnect to themselves and the present moment.  


Dayna also uses her gifts of art and intuitive abilities through intuitive Paint Readings and soul-led coaching to help her clients discover their souls' medicine, the medicine they need to come back into their hearts and to own their worth.

Chris Dancey

I am passionate about color and art! My earliest memory of being called an artist is when I was in Kindergarten. My teacher, Ms. Irwin, wrote in my report card that I have an artistic flair. After earning an Honors Degree in Fine Art from the University of Guelph, I also studied Interior Design at the University of Manitoba and Silk Dying at the Alberta College of Art. I’ve taught art and worked fulltime as an artist in both Alberta and Ontario. I recently designed and built a new home on the edge of a forest on my farm. My home includes a studio and gallery. In 1995, I created a large collection of paintings called COSMIC CONNECTIONS that were exhibited in Ontario and Germany. Currently, I’m working on Part II of this series.


Chris Dancey's Art, Heart and Hearth Studio and Gallery Dancey Family Farm

Chris Dancey.jpg
Sheila Horrell.jpg

Sheila Horrell

Sheila Horrell has been drumming for the last 30 years, ever since being introduced to the primal magic of the drum by master percussionist Ubaka Hill.

After studying percussion with various drummers here and internationally, she has been facilitating workshops and Drum Circles for many groups  in Southwestern Ontario, including schools, universities, camps, nursing homes, conferences and agencies.

The experience of introducing new drummers to the ease and joy of music making with the drum has been a prime motivator for Sheila's continued success.  There is nothing like witnessing someone relaxing into their own rhythm and having fun contributing to the music of the whole drumming community.

As well as facilitating drumming, Sheila is also a member of  percussion groups in London - including "The London Groove Collective", a group which weaves melody (sax and keyboard) with various percussion instruments to create everything from jazz fusion to ambient soundscapes.   As well she sings and plays with WomenSpiritSong choir, and Joyful Noise choir.  Sheila is a proud volunteer at My Sister's Place where weekly drumming on a Monday morning gets the week off to a fine start,  and also volunteers with the Grand Theatre, the Women's Circle at Brescia and Heart-Links, a small London NGO which walks in solidarity with a community of women and children in the desert regions of Northern Peru.


Jen Hewson

Several years ago, Jen was diagnosed with an invasive form of breast cancer.

She left her career in education and went on a quest to learn and discover how she could heal her mind, body, and spirit, which were destroyed by the effects of allopathic medicine, and a lifetime of trauma. 

What she found were many extraordinary ways in which we all can heal. It is her mission to help facilitate this healing journey with those she works with, in her clinic Take Back Your Health, located in Springfield, Ontario.  


At She Rises 2022, Jen will share her story and then take you on a magical journey where "Dance is the Medicine."

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